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Education is to humanize the society. It must be accessible to the lowest strata of the society. It must be competent, democratic, qualitative and based upon human values.


Teacher is the center of all the activities. He works as a catagist to transform the society by inspiring the students. .


There is need of systemization of the education, in which the teacher is placed in a right manner in a right place. Hence there is the need of potential organization of teachers.      


 The teacher must involve in planning, implementation an evaluation of the programme so as to realize the objectives in qualitative manner.


This site has to become a platform to widen the sphere of thinking of a teacher and personality development. The teacher should update their knowledge and improve appropriate techniques in imparting knowledge to the students.


 Our new website has been launched today. The main purpose of this website is to provide an additional form of communication between teachers, students and parents. Please use the resources available on this site to help you through the wonderful adventure of latest information..






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